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Downtown Kids.

My God, I am just so fascinated by you. All of you.

I have such a clarity in my life now that I am able to discern different subcategories that fall under this youth culture. When it comes to the nightlife and the parties, I see others who are so devastatingly fearful and lonely. They’re lonely together. They drink to escape from this world, to hide from their truths. But not the downtown kids. They’re not lonely at all. — The downtown kids drink to celebrate the world in a colorful and intensified light, not to escape from it. Together, they celebrate their art, their music, their freedom, their virtue, and their vices. They celebrate their truths, both grimy and pristine. They are fascinating. I’m completely enamored. I always have been. 

We came here when I was a toddler, I was three. I wish my parents hadn’t waited so long ;) — I belong to the downtown. I grew up here. Growing up, so few were able to understand my obsession with it. My obsession with the lights, the colors, the laughter, and the insanity. It’s all just so beautiful to me. 

The girls don’t need to be naked, or a certain type of “pretty,” in order to be viewed as “beautiful.” They simply are. There is no judgement, and there is no profile. It’s pure acceptance. — Those are the downtown kids. They’re not busy worrying about you, or him, or her. They’re not worrying about anything. They just want to celebrate their art, and their music, and the lights, and the colors. They want to dress funky with eyeliner ‘out-to-here’… smile and laugh, and act a little bit insane. And they don’t expect you to watch, because they’re not watching you. And they love you for it. You may not know them, but they love you. I love you… my enchanting downtown kids❤

It won’t matter where I go, or who I’ll become. I will always be yours.  A downtown kid.


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